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Make Up Artist Rosemary Redlin

Rosemary Redlin, is a freelance make up artist who has worked with numerous celebrities that include: Al Gore, Ally Sheedy, Beck, Cindy Crawford, Ellen Degeneres, Megan Fox, Ozzy Ozzborne, Rob Lowe, Ginnifer Goodwin,Miss Universe and Miss U.S.A (to name a few). She spoke with me about her occupation, where she gets her inspiration and confirmed my opinion that Maybeline Mascara is still the best out there.

As a make up artist, you’ve worked in LA, NY, Chicago and Miami. Where of all these places do you consider the best place to work?

New York.


I feel more creative here because of the energy…the diversity of the people.

What other famous faces have you worked on aside from what I've mentioned?

Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Kathy Ireland....there are so many!

Wow! What is a common misconception people make about celebrities?

They’re just people, like everyone else.

Do celebrities get close to their make up artists?

That happens sometimes.

Do you have any good stories?

Number one rule, I do not gossip.

Where has this job taken you?

All over the world…Italy, Germany, Guatemala, Barbados, Canada, London, Paris….

So, you just go wherever you’re needed?


That’s very interesting.

I am very pleased because I always shoot in very beautiful places and work with many interesting people.

What is your favorite product on a splurge?

(laughing) When I’m on a splurge? I’m always splurging…um….I don’t know….I love learning about new products and trying things on. I mean I buy so many different make up products. I guess sable make up brushes…I was just in LA and bought a whole bunch of lip gloss.

What product would you recommend to those hurt by this recession?

Always buy the best foundation…but with mascara and lip gloss you can get that in any drug store. And I always recommend maybeline mascara…

Have you ever made mistakes?

The great thing about makeup, it’s temporary. Mistakes can be great because they can lead to a new way of doing something…

Who/ what influenced you to do what you do?

I started off doing hair…I was a hairdresser. And then I really liked doing color. I was in Chicago at the time…I then decided I wanted to do make up.…there really wasn’t one person. I mean a lot of people have mentors, I never really did.

Where do you get your ideas?

I like to go to museums, I get influenced by art books, film, history, also clothes by designers from that season inspire. It’s always a collaborative effort….with the director, the photographer, the hairdresser, the wardrobe stylist, the model but with something like a TV actor…it’s more of what the character is supposed to be.

Have any magazines ever quoted you?

Well, lately I was in Martha Stewart. I was also quoted in Allure and Vogue.

How does this happen?

People get to know you and they call you and then they email you and you confirm it with them.

What are your other interests?

Anything to do with the arts: museums, dancing, art, yoga, pilates...

Yoga? That’s something I really need to start doing, how much do you do that?

A few times a week.

Makeup…is it a skill or talent?

It’s definitely a talent, but you can learn it as a skill more so if you love it, you can learn it…it’s like anything else.

How long have you done this?

20 years…you have to have a lot of faith to do this…you have to love what you do, I just follow my heart and I am blessed and I get a lot of energy from the people I work with, it’s like the perfect job for me because things change constantly.

Ever work with the everyday people or is it all just high end?

Yes, sometimes. Do you mean weddings? I usually do high end weddings, like last year I worked with one client whose wedding was on Platinum Wedding.

Do you have any representation?

Yes….I’m represented by two agencies and I have a website.

Are both your agents here in New York?

One is in New York and one is in LA.

Do you get most of your clients through these agencies?

Mostly it’s word of mouth…

What celebrities have you worked on most frequently?

I worked with Kathy Ireland for several years, Niki Blonsky, Eliza Dushku .

Ever worked on the set of a play?

I usually work with celebrities‘, editorial, magazine, red carpet premieres, short films, campaigns.

What big campaigns have you done?


Really? Who models for them?

Phil Nickelson (golfer), Zara Phillips, Doctor Sylvia Earl, Anna Ivanovic (tennis).

What’s a typical day?

Everyday is like your first day at work…everyone has their own interpretations…everyone has their own vision of what they want…it’s dealing with different personalities…you have to access the situation…there are people that hire me over and over again because we speak the same language and they know what to expect.

Any advice for make up artists who are working with celebrities for the first time?

When you’re working with a celebrity, you have to learn not to be intrusive, if they are on the phone, reading a script or question and preparing to go on, you have to be able to give them their space. Also dress up a little bit, look professional.

Ever had any divas?

Everyone wants to be nice to their make up artists because they want them to make them look good, so, no I’ve never had any issues with that.

Does it take longer to work on a man or a woman?

(laughing) A woman.


There is more steps…

What do you never use on a man?

Eye shadow, lipstick or lip-gloss (laughing)

How long does it typically take to apply make up?

Depends…it could take fifteen minutes to an hour and a half….or ten minutes.

What does that come down to? Their skin?

Time…there could be time restraints…they arrived late and have to get ready quickly….

What is something you may have them do?

Curl their own lasses but most of the time I do everything.

What does a crazy schedule look like to you?

I’ve had to be in multiple locations throughout the day….could be different jobs or you have to
travel with them. Usually it’s one job a day but it could be different locations.

Ever worked with a newscast?

Yes, Good Morning America.

What was that like?

Early calls, quick make up…

Is there a make up union?

Yes…798 is NY and 706 is in LA. I’m just in the New York Union now…at one point I was in both.

What do they do?

They do negotiations with productions and come up with rates and that’s for TV and film.

If you could change careers?

I don’t know….investment banker but then I’d have to crunch numbers! Sometimes I think of doing something else and I just can’t imagine it.

Can you tell me a little more about one or two celebrities you‘ve made up?

I worked on Ellen in Chicago when she did an personal appearance, it was before her show. I did Al Gore’s face for Good Morning America once.

What’s Al like?

He was a very nice man.

What do you like most about your job?

I really like to make woman look and feel their best whether that be a model, TV personality, or a woman going to an event. And I love the travel. The ability to be creative and create.

What is your advice to someone who wants your job?

Be professional…be enthusiastic… be open to learning new stuff, learn from the best, show up and enjoy, it’s a great career, it’s a lot of fun.

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